Whether you own a large property or you’re running a business on behalf of another client, it’s very important that you make sure everything you need is in the building or in the process of being installed. There are certain things that you might need because of the industry in which you work, whereas other things are standard for every building and you should make sure these are in place.  


Not every building has insulation, and if you don’t have it, the building will still be able to function as normal. However, it does mean that it won’t be protected against different types of weather. Insulation helps to keep the heat out during the hot weather so that everything doesn’t warm up too much, and if the temperature drops and the weather gets colder, insulation will help to keep it nice and toasty indoors. 

Fire protection and precautions  

You should have this no matter what type of building you are looking after. If it’s your own home, you should install smoke alarms and other alarm systems. If you’re running a block of offices, make sure that you have fire extinguishers and extra precautions. A good idea is to get intumescent coatings done by Action Alliance on areas which are potential fire hazards – this will help to fireproof the building.  

Storage space 

Without storage space, any building and room will start to become cluttered and untidy. Everybody has items which need to be put somewhere, and if you can’t put books on shelves or paperwork in a filing cabinet, you’ll soon start to see it strewn all over the place, making it difficult to work or live with and unprofessional to look at.  

Double glazing  

Although this will come at a higher cost than windows with single glazing, it does mean that your windows will be stronger, not only against harsh weather and wind but also against noise and other sound which might be coming from outside. This is a quick and easy way to help soundproof your building more – you’ll notice the difference between single and double glazing.  


Even if the weather seems to be generally warm and comfortable, there are sure to be times when you’re feeling a little bit chilly and just want to turn the heating on. It doesn’t matter what type of heating you have in the building as long as you have access to some form of heating – you could install a central heating system or just buy portable heaters to plug in when necessary.  

Water supplies 

This is something which will ideally be set up when the building is being built, so if you’re involved in the planning and building stages, be sure to put this on your to-do list. You’ll need to have water supplies in all the right places – common areas include but are not limited to the kitchen, bathrooms, utility room and the exterior areas, such as garden or driveway.  

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