The 21st century has brought upon countless changes in the world but nothing is greater than the change from physical commerce to commerce spread via the web without existing in any physical form. Only 50 years ago even the thought of this would be ridiculous but now E-commerce or electronic commerce trumps over physical businesses.  

With lower costs, optimum efficiency and worldwide reach, e-commerce has completed flipped the game floor. Almost all businesses are shifting from physical to online businesses be it to aid in trade or set up their businesses entire database on the computer. This shift in the trend has increased the demand for IT experts to help businesses in this process. 

 So to acquire the services of a trusted company is important because in a way you are handing over all your data information to them to build your foundationsThis is where the BITS technology group comes in. A locally managed IT services provider and consultant. Read on further to get to know BITS Technology Group. 


Establishes in 2009, BITS Technology group has been working to provide IT services and consultations to businesses to help their businesses grow and expand. With more than 10 years of experience under their belts, they have managed to expand their multi-awardwinning services to offices from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland with clients spread in over 10 different industries. The basic services that BITS Technology Group offers are: 

However, the most important or the most sought out service right now is the world of Cloud Computing.  


Cloud computing is a new technology that provides users with a way by which they can access applications via the internet such that they can access database resources from anywhere without worrying about maintenance or management of actual physical resources. As easy as this may sound, the IT engineering behind Cloud Services is extremely complex and difficult to understand by non-professionals. It is best to leave this to the professionals in this case! And you better believe it, BITS Technology Group offers the best cloud solutions and most importantly a proper and easy-to-follow cloud migration solutions 


Because of Cloud computing’s complex engineering, even if you have completely shifted your business to the cloud, you are bound to run into problems or will require assistance when you need to upgrade etc. for this BITS Technology Group provides the best cloud solutions. BITS cloud solutions will help you shift your entire business to cloud or work in collaboration with you to find out cloud hybrid solutions that best suit your needs.

Their cloud solutions (such as Cloud Migration Solutions) are tailored as per each businesses requirements so they get the best out of the entire shift. With highly experienced and experts in the field of Cloud with a diverse range of apps and platforms, industry-specific or otherwise, BITS is your best bet when looking for cloud solutions.

If you are not already working on the cloud, no need to be alarmed, BITS cloud solution has an easy step-to-step guide for the Cloud Migration Process.


If you have decided to step forward and invest in this shift to Cloud Computing then BITS Technology Group offers easy and flexible cloud migration solutions. 

Steps to Cloud Migration Solutions: 

  1. Establish business objectives – meet with the BITS team and work out points of weaknesses and where to start the transition to cloud from. 
  2. Inspection of local services and their workings – the team does an audit of the existing IT environment to get an idea of where to start cloud migration solutions from. 
  3. The extent of work and project delivery – the BITS team will work with your project workers closely to ease into the migration process.  

Once the cloud migration have been put into place BITS team and technical managers and advisors remain to review the outcomes to check if the migration underwent smoothly and help plan out future endeavors. This is why BITS Technology Group is best known for its Cloud Solutions and within it, for its Cloud Migration Solutions.

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