As children, we all anticipated the day one of the neighbours or one of our friends would have a party and maybe just maybe they would hire a jumping castle for their event. It was one of the best things to look forward to as entire wrestling matches would be simulated and of course, bouncing around till your knees became weak. Other than that simply having one at your birthday was a big deal let alone actually playing in it. It was a symbol for the cool kids on the block who had the fun parties and would invite all their friends. We ensure, that you too can be the cool kid on the block with the most reasonable rates and one of the best jumping castle providers in Parramatta.
Footy Jumping Castles is a company which deals in all sorts of inflatable castles for whatever event you are looking to hire them for. Be it a birthday bash, children’s fundraiser or any other related event. They will have you covered and keep the kids bouncing with fun and playing for as long as the inflatable is standing tall. They have a range of inflatables to choose from so you can be sure that you will be spoilt for choice thus making it all the more fun for the kids and adults alike, as they get to watch their kids having a great time.

Let’s talk about some of the kids jumping castle hire Parramatta which are being offered in their range so that you can choose whichever one suits the kids best.
If you’ve got some football fans at home, maybe you should consider going in for the soccer dome. It would be extremely thoughtful and a great surprise for the child who is a soccer fan. Having a cool looking football shapes inflatable in your yard is an added benefit!
Another one of their most common jumping castles is Sparky the Eel which is an inflatable obstacle course for the kids to run around in and set competitions amongst themselves

You can be sure that the castles are safe and cleaned regularly to maintain the best quality protocols.

Other than just that they also offer an event management service other than just jumping castles. Depending on what the event is like they offer all sorts of things such as face painting for all those kids who love being different and fun and just messing around.

They also offer eatables and drinkables, because we know how children get after they are done playing. Having a growing child’s appetite is no joke hence them offering hot dogs and slushies when catering to your event and other parties which you may have in mind.
They also offer a range of entertainment with their own host conducting the vent as they see fit. They take charge and ensure that all the children are left happy and entertained when it’s all done.

Before considering the kids jumping castles for hire in Parramatta we suggest that you go on over to the testimonials section of the website.

Having apprehensions about any company is justified especially when children are involved. Therefore, we advise that you browse the testimonials to see if anyone has any negative feedback about the company and if so, what it is.

Moreover, we advise that you check out their website thoroughly yourself so that you have your own satisfaction and peace of mind when hiring the company for their services. It’s always best to make an informed decision rather than going on hearsay. While you’re there, browse through the range of inflatables as well to see which one would suit your child best and what the prices would be like.

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