VR stands for virtual reality; virtual reality games are games played in special VR rooms with proper setup. In order to create your own virtual reality gaming system, you are going to need a VR head mounted display and VR capable PC. For the purpose of installing the whole thing you will be needing a full room where you could easily move around and place the system. VR gaming involves movement from place to place sometimes just sitting and standing depending on the type of game you are playing and what is required in that game. For setting up your own VR room 1st you will be needing a plan. Empty a space that is thoroughly dedicated to your game and call it your own VR room, nothing else would be done in that room except gaming. Buy a virtual reality PC and gaming system and install it with a help of professional, some tips before planning to create a VR room for your self are 

Define how much space you are going to need 

There are lots of VR gaming in Sydney systems depending on your interests and budget. In order to define the space, you are going to be needing for installing a VR room 1st decide what type of VR experience you want for your room and what type of VR game you want to play. Another thing is how much movement is needed in that game for example if only sitting and standing is involved you will not be needing much space but just a desk for the system and a chair for sitting. If the game requires more mobility than you will be required at least an area of 3 by 3 feet.  

Define the height of your gaming system 

For the purpose of choosing the room for your virtual reality gaming system you are also going to define the height of your system if it will be able to fit in the room or not. Not all rooms have a high ceiling to fit a gaming system so instead of wasting your money on a gaming system which cannot fit your room it’s better to calculate it before hand and mount it at least 2 feet below the room ceiling, you can experiment and get an idea of height by placing various tripods as well and adjusting the height on the tripods. 

Check network connection 

A good powerful internet connection is mandatory for a VR room specially for a multiplayer game. You will be needing and Ethernet cable for this purpose, if you don’t have it another option is power line cable but the most important thing to keep in mind is make sure you have an active and solid Wi-Fi connectivity in your house or the room you are going to put your VR game in 

Remove any obstacles that cause interference in VR tracking 

Some objects like windows and mirrors can cause inference in tracking of VR controlling devices due to reflection of light or just direct exposure to light. Covering any such objects with clothes or with decors can help stop this problem in order to have a smooth connectivity and uninterrupted game. If you face a continuous issue, try to remove mirrors and close the windows so that no light from these devices or outside can cause hindrance in tracking of VR motion. 

Room flooring 

Room flooring is one of the most important things to keep in mind while deciding your VR room. As VR gaming can require a lot of exercise like jumping, moving left right paddling or running as well, so make sure the flooring of your room is safe for doing all these motions easily. Non slippery tiles, or wall to wall carpeting is a good option for your VR room flooring. 

With a little effort and investment, you can make your dream come true by having your own personal VR gaming room in your home, that you and your family can enjoy for a longer period of time and save a lot of money by only a one time investment. 

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