When buying a home, an apartment or a unit, you need to first conduct a thorough property inspection before considering a purchase. This property inspection covers checking for things like pests as well as looking up the title deeds. There are several levels of this inspection, with both personal and professional components involved. Inspection may differ depending on the type of the property as well. Read below to know how to conduct a property inspection before purchasing and what to expect in one: 

Conducting a Personal Inspection

The first type of pre-purchase inspection is usually done by the prospective homeowner. Once you show up at the property to look it over, it’s easy to do a personal inspection as well. The personal inspection would involve observing for visible damage, such as broken faucets or stains on flooring. This inspection would be facilitated by the real estate agent accompanying you to property. It’s recommended to take a friend or someone else who knows real estate with you for this inspection. It will help you conduct the inspection without the real estate agent haranguing you on the details. It should be noted that personal inspections are not thorough inspections. These are just initial inspections that will give you a very general idea of the state of the property. For specifics, you need to call in the professionals.  

Hiring Professional Inspectors

While you can look at the walls for chipping paint and other signs of disrepair, some signs of property damage require a professional eye to discern. Therefore, consider hiring a professional and local building inspector Mornington Peninsula or in your area. This is typically known as pre purchase property inspections Melbourne. Professionals can see what the naked untrained eye cannot. A professional inspector would check to see if the foundation of the property is sound, whether all parts of the building is designed according to Australian Building Code standards, whether the electrical grid is legally safe, and so on. Essentially, the professional inspector would check things you cannot. This pre-purchase inspection is extremely important before you finalise the deal.  

Checking for Pests, Mould
, and Other Harmful Substances 

The pre-purchase inspection should also include a thorough check for pests and mould. Inspectors should also check if portions of the house have been built using toxic materials like lead-containing paint or asbestos roofing. If the house has been renovated by the previous owner, these should be inspected for safety as well.  

Inspection Before Settling

Once you have decided to buy the house and is ready to settle, you should conduct another inspection. This time, check for things like termites, dirt, and other debris that accumulates when a home changes owners.  Check if the home is truly vacant before moving in and that the previous owner has not left any trash behind.  

Title Inspection

Not directly related to the property, prospective homeowners should also hire lawyers to have the title of the house inspected. It is very important for finalising the sale. This is typically conducted by a solicitor. The title inspection should be done at the same time as the professional building inspection.  

New homeowners can also call in surveyor’s reports marking the boundaries of the properly, mainly for legal reasons. If needed, you can request to be present for all professional inspections. But do not push it if the professionals dislike it or if it is unsafe.  


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