A course in first aid could not only change your life but the lives of people related to you, known to you and the general Australians who could have a revitalising impact upon them after having gone through a precarious event, just because of you!

Please do remember! The first aid training is also known as the senior first aid course within the Australian medical circles. The acquisition of essential skills and knowledge through the senior course would enable you to dispense the first aid response in unforeseen and hazardous circumstances. Moreover, the greatly required life support and the management of casualty(s) could be the objectives you would have to achieve in addition to resolution of emergent situations after having undertaken the senior first aid training at an accredited and Australia wide recognised institute. Prior to discussing the first aid studies, let us pause a moment to focus upon the understanding of the two words ‘first aid’. The first aid is generally referred to as that assistance which is extended to a person based on his sudden illness or injury.

Isn’t it simple?

Let us go on with the definition comprehension. This initial medical care is provided to preserve life, prevent worsening of the condition or to promote recovery of the individual involved. 

This first aid encompasses the preliminary intervention in a consequential state before the arrival of professional medical support such as the one pertaining to the performance of CPR while waiting for an ambulance to arrive as well as the complete treatment of minor ailments. The first aid is normally delivered by a layperson like you, people trained in the provision of basic level first aid and the professionally trained individuals. You may keep in mind the budding consciousness in the form of an apparently novel concept in Australia and that alludes to the bestowal of first aid in connection with mental health thus named as mental health first aid. The senior first aid course Perth are designed to equip you with knowledge and expertise. 

At this juncture it sounds reasonable to apprise you that the real time performance of CPR on the adult manikin while on the floor is a requirement for the first aid training program. Now, having been introduced to the definition understanding you would be in a highly receptive state of mind regarding the emergency medical aid courses being offered within the nationally recognised training institutions of the Australian continent! A typical program embracing the senior first aid courses could span over two days or one- day practical work within the classroom preceded by an online learning by you. The content of the courses comprise:  

  1. Legal and other requirements. 
  2. Basic life support.
  3. CPR and AED.
  4. Abdominal injuries. 
  5. allergic reaction. 
  6. Anaphylaxis. 
  7. Bleeding and wound care.
  8. Burns and scalds.
  9. Cardiac conditions.
  10. Choking and airway obstruction.
  11. Crush injuries. 
  12. Diabetes. 
  13. Drowning.
  14. Envenomation.
  15. Extremes of heat and cold. 
  16. Eye and ear injuries. 
  17.  Head, neck and spinal injuries.  
  18. Musculoskeletal injuries: fractures and dislocations, strains and sprains. 
  19. Poisoning and toxic substances. 
  20. Respiratory distress, including asthma. 
  21. Seizures/convulsions.
  22. Shock management. 
  23. Stroke.
  24. Unconsciousness. 

The prerequisites for taking up the senior first aid courses at an institutional setting could encompass the following: you must complete pre-reading and online assessment; You should possess the physical capacity to extend resuscitation through kneeling on the floor and demonstrate non- stop cpr procedure for two minutes; your chronological age must be 14 years and lastly, the student if you are under 18 years then you are required to present signed parental consent prior to admission. 

In view of the informational guidance laid out before you in this article, it is greatly hoped that you would be in a well prepared psychological mode to make the right decision in connection with going for the seniors first aid courses at an accredited Australian setting. The first aid median salary for a male in Australia is around AU$ 70,000 and for a female it is AU$ 54,000.

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