It is noticed that in few past years, traveling is being boosted at a very high rate. Now the average number of travelers (towards another country) is ten times more than that of in 2010. This increase in traveling maybe because of studies, job opportunities, tourism, etc. As this number of travelers increases the risk for general health care is also increases as one person is going to change his whole climate. For some people, it is very tough to survive in a different climate, food, water, etc. So, we should take some precautions or safety measures before traveling so long. In this regard, we have to take assistance from travel medicine. 

Importance of Travel Medicine 

Travel medicine is an area of practice for health consultants. In simple words travel medicine in Melbourne or vaccine is a dose of medicine taken by travelers before traveling towards a particular part of the world. In this branch of medicine, the counselors focus on the health issues or problems related to the general health of a traveler and its treatment or vaccination. 

Travel medicine is not only devoted to travelers’ health care against any infectious disease but also the personal health care of the travelers. Now, this field of study is getting implications globally as the rate of traveling at a significant rate.  However, this is still a young field in the medicines or health care department. Most travel agencies have arranged their travel medicine clinics and get services from persons who are specialized and trained in this field. They provide their services to the people who have any health issues during traveling to lower down the risk of any health emergency during flight or traveling. 

Need to visit a travel clinic 

Traveling is always been very exciting whether you are going abroad to study, on vacation, for a job, or for any other reason. In every situation, your health must be your priority. This is our duty to take care of our health ultimately for the sake of others, especially in the current pandemic situation. Likewise, we must visit a travel clinic to get the necessary travel medicine or vaccine 4-5 weeks before travel. This kind of health check-ups makes us ready to travel and also our safety before trekking. So, when we are planning for any travel or journey, visit a travel clinic should be as important as our packing. 

Here are some reasons why should we visit a travel clinic before traveling: 


  • Nowadays vaccination is the most effective way of minimizing the risk of any health issuePeople who travel from one country to the other will be exposed to the pandemic diseases or the germs in that country so they should be pre-protected against those diseases. They are also exposed to many germs or different people in close places like airports, airplanes, etc. This could be much problematic for the people who, are sensitive to even the minute health issues like flu. First of all, the health consultant will provide you with the vaccine against the diseases which are common in the country you are going to travel towards. Most people want to get vaccinated against serious diseases like hepatitis or measles etc., but doctors know what they want, they should be vaccinated against common diseases like cold, flu, fever so that because this kind of diseases is more readily attack a person, especially in different climate. 

Regular Medicine 

  • Your travel GP will provide you with proper medication against the diseases you have or you could have in another country. As medicines vary from person to person because every person is unique and sensitivity to different things could also vary. So, you have to give all the details about your health, about the medicines you are taking or have taken so that he could get an idea about your immunity and health condition. 

Medicine as a First Aid 

  • Along with travel medicine, your travel GP will guide you about the diet or food you should have during or after traveling. Because travel medicine also includes avoidance and protection from any illness. As you may get different health issues in different countries I.e., you may have diarrhea in Mexico, or cholera in Haiti, so you must consult your travel GP. Your travel GP will guide you about the hygienic conditions about the country you are going to travel towards I.e., room temperature meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, street vendor foods, etc. Even if you have traveled many times but you need to consult your GP based in Melbourne cbd as he will guide you about the recent information regarding hygiene.  

Medicine for fearless Travelling 

  • They will tell you about some tips for safe traveling so that you could travel without any fear of being ill. 

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