Building a house or doing alterations on an existing property can be a very expensive undertaking and the temptation is often there to cut corners and do it on the cheap. This is almost never a good solution and all too often the money saved ends up being spent multiple times over as the project drags, the work fails or unforeseen issues come to the fore and have to be tackled at great expense. The key with building is to think cost-effective as opposed to cheap. What solution is going to keep paying dividends for years to come? Here’s our list of tips to help you negotiate the difficult decisions that surround building and which will hopefully ensure that you are still happy with the results of your work in years to come.    


Plan ahead 

It’s no use ending up with a finished product that looks good under a fresh coat of paint but which falls apart or deteriorates as soon as the builders walk away. According to an industry person at BWC Coastwide, this is a good example of such a thing. It’s easy to implement not overly expensive, but if not done right, the effects will start to show in the months and years to come as paint peels, damp rises and mould sets in. Make sure that whoever is doing the build puts the right basics in place so you don’t have horrible future problems. 


Use an expert 

You might have a vision for what you want, but unless you are a expert it’s a vision in isolation. Get an expert in to advise and help you turn your dream into a workable reality. In this instance we are talk about an architect. Architects design houses for a living, they know what works and they know who works well with damp proofing Sydney. Yes, they do come at a price, but there are very few people who will ever tell you that the architect was not worth the fee. An architect is to building what a game ranger is to a safari – an expert, who knows the lay of the land, where the animals are and where the rewards are. It might seem like a good place to save on expenses, but trust us, it almost certainly is not. 



If you are building from scratch or doing major renovations, look to see how you can make your house as energy efficient as possible. This is something that will save you money on your utility bills for years to come, but it’s also something that will have a positive impact on the environment and which will add value to your house in the future. Think of ways to maximize the use of natural light, to recycle grey water and store rain water. Install solar panel is at all possible. Look at installing double glazing to make the house more energy efficient. These are all very simple projects to implement but they are solutions that will impact positively on both your budget and your lifestyle for years to come.        


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