Many years ago, back in the days when we were still at school, our school bags and homework diaries used to be the things that we used to define ourselves. We would adorn those items with the names of our favourite bands or of the people we found hot or cool. We left nobody in any doubt about who we were crushing on or finding influential. As we got older that need to state to the world who we are got more complex and expensive, but the need remained. Now though, instead of decorating a satchell it is our homes that get to be the means through which we expose our personality. You might like a country feel, maybe you want something ultra modern, or maybe you want something with an almost industrial feel. Here are a few tips from us to help you bring a unique style and personality to your home. 

Create Space 

According to the interior design company like Kleencut Solutions advices that if you don’t have much space to work with, then do something that creates the illusion of space,. If you are going for a minimalist look or you want something that speaks of flow and openness, de-clutter and let a couple of key features be the centre-point of each room. Whatever you chose for those statement pieces will speak volumes about you and who you are, but if there is too much going on, then you don’t really say anything.     

How about some metal? 

Expose a beam in the ceiling or bring in some aluminium facades. Neither of these things is particularly expensive to do yet they bring a certain charm and feeling to a room. They give the room texture and they say something about the person who occupies the space. Experiment and enjoy it, a bit of metal has the ability to be a talking point without completely taking over. 

Expose some brick work 

There is no need to expose too much, but leave a small piece of wall unplastered and you are on to a winner. It’s a sign of depth and of layers and as much as it showcases the underlying architecture and structure of your home, it also says a lot about who you are. It’s unusual, it’s a talking point and, as with the metal option above, it’s not overly expensive to implement. 

Buy art 

Every home should feature art, it’s such an amazing way to express who you are, your emotions and feelings. And having worked hard enough to buy a house and create a home now is the time to use your place to show your feelings. It’s no different to the posters of Enrique Iglesias or Anna Kournikova that used to adorn your bedroom wall as a child, it’s just a little more sophisticated and mature – and a whole lot more expensive than a magazine centrefold. But don’t hold back, buy originals and spoil yourself with art as often as you can.

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