Types of Towing 

The need for a towing vehicle can arise any day for any reason. It could be in the case of an accident in the busy Gold Coast city or maybe a simple mechanical failure. Either way, you’d need a towing company to help you take your car to mechanic or home; basically anywhere from the spot of failure. Therefore, in such a scenario, it can be very helpful if one has some know-how about the towing. So, we’re going to start with the types of towing generally used. 

  1. Boom
    This is an adjustable towing type that is usually used to take vehicles out of a ditch or an embankment or any place from which the vehicle cannot get out of on its own.  
  2. Hook and chain
    The hook and chain is most commonly used for family cars. It comprises of a hook and a chain. The hook is used to pull the car to be towed and chain makes it possible. 
  3. Flat bed
    As the name shows, this type of towing facility uses a bed that can be hydraulically controlled to move to the floor level. The car that needs to be towed, can move on to the bed on its own or through a winch. The truck can then take the vehicle where desired.  
  4. Wheel lift
    It is an evolved form of hook and chain. It uses a metal yoke to get hold of the car from the front or back end and raise it from the ground, using hydraulic operated machines. Generally, the driving wheels are raised from the ground. The truck can then take the vehicle to its destination. 
  5. Integrated
    In this facility, the boom and wheel lift are integrated. This is usually used to quickly move the cars parked illegally. The truck is usually equipped with controls that make the overall towing process really quick.  

Responsibilities of a Vehicle towing company 

In case you’re stuck somewhere due to mechanical failure or some other reason, you’ll be calling a Towing Gold Coast. We talked about the types of towing trucks generally used, but if you’re going to call someone to your help, it is better that you know about their responsibilities, things that you can expect from them.  

So, firstly, the towing truck must be equipped with lights or any other kind of warning system so that the other vehicles can be warned of the incident from a fair distance. There should be a system of making sure no other vehicle or passer-by gets hurt during the towing process. The staff should be aware of any kind of possible explosion or equipment failure that can be dangerous. Moreover, any property near the site should also be protected during the towing process. As you’d now know the types of towing used for different purposes, so it’s important that you make sure that the most appropriate towing facility is being used. Instead, it is important that you be aware of the towing instructions of your vehicle so you can make sure the towing staff follows that. Lastly, the towing staff needs to ensure your car’s safety whatsoever. In case of accident where any kind of explosion or leakage is possible, the staff needs to cater to that, especially if the mechanic is not close.  

Questions you should be asking before hiring a towing company 

There are a number of questions that you should be asking before deciding on which towing company to call. Of course if you are in a haphazard situation, you won’t be having enough time to decide the towing company. But, in the scenarios where you have the time to decide the towing company, make sure you get a clear idea of their cost system. Talk about all the help you need and get a fair estimate of all that it will cost. Secondly, discuss the type of towing facility you’ll be needing. You can study that on your own and can ask for their advice as well, but make sure you give complete information regarding your vehicle and situation.   

What matters when getting a Vehicle for Towing? 

Usually the most important aspect of selecting the right towing vehicle or facility, is the weight of the vehicle that needs to be towed. This is important because every towing truck has a defined limit up to which it can be used for towing. Secondly, you need to be sure if your vehicle requires a flat bed. This is usually needed for heavier vehicles.  

Overloading is a serious issue so it is very important that you know the gross weight of your vehicle or whatever you need to be towed. This is important because not just the towing truck but the towing facility i.e. chain or hook, whatever is being used, also has some critical limit beyond which it cannot be used to tow vehicles.  

Maintained or Not? 

Lastly, once your vehicle arrives, make sure whether the towing truck that arrived, is well maintained or not. In case the truck or the towing system does not seem well maintained, do not take the risk of letting them tow your car. Any kind of mechanical failure can really damage your car. 

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