Things to look for in a Pest Control Company 

If you’re looking for a pest control company to regulate the insecticides in your home, but you don’t know where to begin, the following tips will help you find the right company. Keep these points in mind and you’ll eventually end up with the right Pest Regulation Company for yourself. 

  1. First and most important thing to look for is the company’s experience. This can be analysed from their past and current projects. You can look for their customer’s review section or you can ask the company about their past clients.  
  2. Next comes their knowledge and training for your area. If you’re looking for a company in Townsville, it is best that you select a company that is well aware of the common pests in the area and the most efficient method to remove these pests.  
  3. Look for the safety standards of the company. Pesticides of all kinds are poisonous for humans and animals so ask the company about the precautionary steps they will be taking to avoid any harm to your family or pets. 
  4. You should also analyse the company based on their consideration for the environment.  
  5. Lastly, check for the company’s charges. Get a quote for the service you need and do a market survey before finalising the company. Look for the company that best suits your needs and isn’t heavy on your wallet. 

Maintain Hygiene for Pest Control 

Whether you’re getting Pest Control Townsville services for yourself or not, it is important that you follow the basic hygiene to keep the number of pests in your home to a minimum. These are simple everyday measures that will not only help you reduce the number of insects, but also give you a healhier living environment.  

  1. Clean the dishes after meals as soon as possible. Do not leave the dirty dishes open in the kitchen.  
  2. Wrap-up the used food dishes before throwing them in the dust bin.  
  3. Be aware of food scraps. Keep the counter in the kitchen, the dining table and the sink, free from any food scrap to avoid any bacterial growth.  
  4. When storing the food in fridge, keep the food in air-tight containers and if that’s not available, for a wrapping sheet. 
  5. A major contributor of the insecticides and countless diseases is your toilet. Keep it clean at all times.  
  6. All these steps will help you kill and prevent the growth of bacteria in your home. Seal the holes in the pipes and other unwanted openings to prevent insects coming from outside the building.   

Diseases due to Mosquitos  

Mosquitos are one of the most commonly found insects in home. They are usually dealt with through a simple pesticide spray. This, however, does not solve the problem. Mosquitos can cause some serious diseases through a single bite therefore they need to be removed from the homes through a more ‘permanent’ option.  

The three most common diseases caused by mosquitos are, Dengue, Forest Virus and Ross River Virus. 

  • Dengue virus is common in tropical and subtropical regions across the globe. This is caused by the dengue mosquito, a mosquito that has previously bitten an infected person. Dengue can result in the loss of life if not treated in time.  
  • Ross River Virus is caused by infected mosquitos. It is a very common disease in Australia, especially Townsville. The virus is on its peak in the months of February to May. It takes about a week to notice symptoms of the virus, which include rashes, swelling and joint pain. 
  • Forest Virus, like Dengue, is transmitted due to an infected mosquito from an infected human or animal. Usually the virus originates from an infected kangaroo, which is a signature animal of Australia, hence the high number of cases of this virus. From the animal, it spreads to the humans and the chain goes on.  

Tips to keep your home safe from Pests 

Despite their small size, you can control and restrict the entrance of insecticides in your home. follow the following basic tips and guidelines to avoid suffering from any disease caused by these tiny insects.  

  • Do not leave stagnant water uncovered to prevent growth of dengue mosquitos.  
  • Throw away the contaminated food and used disposable containers immediately. As mentioned before, wrap-up the food/container before throwing it away. 
  • Look for any drainage issue or leakage in any of the pipes that can invite insects, especially termites and ticks into your home.  
  • Look for any holes or openings that can attract mice or squirrels into your house.  
  • Keep the doors and windows closed when not being used to avoid mosquitos and other flying insects from entering in the house.  
  • Lastly, have a Pest Control Team inspect your house in regular intervals to take necessary action in time.  

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