Brightbox Software is one of a kind and dynamic company dedicated to provide innovation and next level functionality with promising user experience as a groundworks estimation software. The company is a global entity with offices in USA, UK and Australia. We are dedicated to provide easy, simple but highly powerful solutions to our customers. We make sure our software is continuously made better and developed in order to keep our customers ahead of time and informed with all the advancements in the field of earthworks estimating. Our customer care team is available 24 x 7 for your help and guidance through each stage of the process. 


Mudshark is the next level software for earthworks estimating and cut and fill calculations. The software can be used for calculation earthworks for earthwork contractors, estimators, landscapers, builders and more. The software is high-tech but the user experience is kept as easy and user friendly as possible. The customers can easily estimate simple to highly complex earthwork estimations with precision and accuracy.  


In todays world, construction companies are faced with multiple challenges, competitors being on of them. It is necessary for the company to save time, increase the process efficiency, increase value proposition and also decrease the cost for maximum profit gain. In such cases, Mudshark is here for providing the most efficient and trustworthy solution. Below mentions some of the main benefits of choosing Mudshark as your earthwork’s estimation software. 


When dealing with Mudshark, efficiency is the key feature that you will enjoy. Compared to all the alternative software available in the market right now, Mudshark promises accurate estimation and therefore the overall probability of error is reduced to 0%. By reduction of errors, the time of doing the job is also decreased, enabling you to conquer more grounds with the state of art technology used in Mudshark. 


In these times of cost competitive environment and highly competitive market, it is without a question necessary for the estimation software to deliver ultimate accuracy. Mudshark helps you keep a track of all the expenses, unnecessary labour usage and other undesired costs by keeping the accuracy level of the job up to the mark. It is necessary for the contractors to keeping a track of all the back orders, the materials stored and the installed material in order to keep a check on the cost being implied. Mudshark is not just a powerful calculating tool in this situation but also provides greater accuracy and reduced errors. 


Due to the fact that the construction industry is highly labour intensive, it becomes hard for the contractors to promise consistency. With the use of Mudshark, the software will allow you to have the exact same operations and charge every time you step on the ground for construction. Mudshark provides an extended database where the costs in accordance with the prices can be stored and processed for later use in estimation. The consistency level is promised by the high-tech programming features of the software which can easily be made to match your requirements. 


Mudshark is not just a lone player but also can be integrated with other software being used in your business to keep a close tie with the operations. This allows you to stop replication of work and also keep the streamline of your work processes. Mudshark can be integrated with MS Excel, MS Access and SAP. This opens up a whole new arena of management the job effortlessly. 


Not only does Mudshark provides you consistency, accuracy and integration, it also provides your business the height of professionalism it craves for better performance and competitive advantage. As a civil estimator, you need to have a complete and advance set of tools to deliver a promising job to your customers. Mudshark ensures you the accuracy and professionalism you require. Mudshark not only allows you to be versatile, but you can change the details as per the requirement of your business. This opens up a whole new array of opportunities for growth and excellence. 

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