Visas governing bodies across the globe are happened to be immensely busy and tight on schedule while dealing with millions of applications that they cannot give undue personal consideration to your visa applications if you think that could be the case. One should not expect a phone call or an email from the DIBC in Australia to tell you about your mistakes in the 489 visa application form or with the submitted documents.

If you have made a mistake while applying for the visa then it would be refused while having its own set of reapplication restrictions and difficulties. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you get started with your 489 visa application by taking aboard an experienced agent to get everything right for you when it comes to the application form or the documentation.

Considering this need, below are given a few tips to help you in fixing the most common incorrectly filled visa requirements with an intent of ratification, such as:

Incorrect Visa Type

The first mistake a person does is apply for incorrect visa type as you come across a daunting choice of visas in Australia to choose from by considering your needs and requirements that it is quite easy to file for the wrong visa type. Therefore, it is very important to be clear about your needs first then apply for the visa via your 489 visa migration agent Perth. Different reasons or needs could be, applying for studies, working temporarily as a skilled labour or long-term one, needing the regional skilled visa or intend to sponsor the relative or any family member. Applying for incorrect visa type could cost you dearly, therefore, it is important to get the process right from the very start.

Criminal Records

DIBC is very strict about criminal records and hence runs its own inquiries in case they find anything suspicious. It is not in your interest to hide or forget to mention about your criminal record in the visa application form even if it was decades ago because DIBC will not let it go that easily or could go to the lengths of banning you in Australia permanently. Therefore, while applying for 489 visa in Australia, it is always in your interest to reveal your criminal record or anything similar to it.

Every Detail Matters

Visa application forms tend to be dandy therefore you should fill in them very minutely and with due consideration. If you would miss out any small detail in your 489 visa application, or put the dates wrong or would even make the spelling error, DIBC would put it on delay in processing or even could go for refusal. They are very peculiar about cross-checking of information and spellings error and do not spare anyone in this regard. SCA Connect in Australia has been consulting and dealing with numerous types of migration visas, their expertise at handling various applications and nitty gritty requirements or details works very handy at getting done with your applications with celerity.

Time Is Money

While applying for the visa in Australia you would be given a schedule of dates which must be adhered by, no matter what else you are in trouble. If you would miss out on any of the important dates and do not lodge your paperwork on time, your visa application would become a recipe for disaster. Therefore, it is recommended to take aboard a 489 migration visa agent to look into your case throughout the process until you get it.

Backup By Documents

Another advantage of pursuing your case through 489 visa migration agent Perth is that he can back up your application by attaching the relevant supporting document in the acceptable form by the DIBC. So the authority could cross-check and verify them before putting any remarks on your application. The original supporting documents must be in the English language else must be translated into the English language by the DIBC approved source in your country or they would not be of any use.

Meet All The Prerequisites

Every visa type comes with a set of prerequisites that must all be followed to support your application else you are setting up yourself for a refusal. While applying for the 489 Visa, it should not be the case that you fulfill only those prerequisites which would sell you well according to your own self because DIBC does not think that way rather look at the whole picture instead.

Lastly, the very basic mistake that is being done while applying for the 489 migration visa Australia is applicants do not seek professional help when needed rather they try to go through the process themselves by taking a leap of faith. This very approach backfires and costs a lot on one’s pocket in monetary terms as well as with respect to opportunity cost.

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