During the 90’s asbestos was quite widely used for construction and building purposes. However as years rolled by, people started discovering about its health hazards and risks associated with it. Hence they tried to limit or stop using this material. This is however quite a durable substance which comes with heat resistance qualities and it’s fireproof too. People also started to know more about the dangerous effect it had on one’s health when exposed to it. When inhaled for a long time it can also cause pleural cancer.  

This is one of the very prime reasons why class A asbestos removal is so important. When inhaled it may cause some deadly diseases. The dust and fibers released are quite harmful. Thus, always trust professionals when it comes to removing asbestos.  

The soil getting contaminated with asbestos is a huge concern in several countries both by the government and public, especially in Australia. This is why report of Environment Protection Authority was issued in 2013, where associate Professor Tim Driscoll stated that asbestos is quite a huge threat for human beings. He also made it quite clear in the reports that it is only permitted to re-word and re-use asbestos if it has been properly remediated. When the process of soil remediation takes place, the fibers that are produced are less prone to risks.  

The different ways by which you can identify asbestos material 

Visual inspection 

The very first way of identifying asbestos in materials is by keeping a visual tag. However, you will not be able to be quite accurate on this unless the material has been labeled clearly. But many a times, we cannot identify it. Thus, it is always best to bank on professionals for this work. Since they are qualified and experienced, they know about what kind of asbestos is present in the roof. They will plan ways to remove and dispose it safely too.  

Through sampling and testing it 

When you hire an expert for this work, they will first take the sample and undergo a thorough analysis. This is the most precarious step as the chances for inhaling it is the most here. The fibers are released in the air. But professionals only use the best of equipment. They also wear the required gear so that inhalation can be prevented. This is the reason why it is always recommended to call for experts when one has to collect samples. Plus, only a professional will be able to find out whether the asbestos is identify bonded or non-friable. Thus, if required to leave it undisturbed, they would do so.  

The steps that one should ensure adhere to when handling asbestos have been mentioned below: 

  • One must always wear protective gears when they are dealing with asbestos. 
  • The sampling and testing process will be carried out in a room when there is no other person present. 
  • It would be best not to disturb the asbestos. It is recommended to only take the amount of asbestos for testing, as required.  
  • To prevent asbestos contamination in any form, get rid of heating and air conditioning systems, at least for the moment.  
  • Always place a sheet when the sampling and testing process is on. The sampling should be wet so that fibers and dust do not end up contaminating the atmosphere.  
  • Make sure that the sample that has been collected has been cut and placed in the container, tightly.  
  • Ensure that the sample gets disposed safely. Also, the outer part of the container should be wiped with a damp cloth.  
  • Do not forget to label the container. Make sure that a duct tape has been applied where the asbestos has been disturbed. This will help the fiber and dust to release in the atmosphere.  

It is always recommended to call for professionals alone when getting asbestos removed.  

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