The domain name is the URL address of your company’s website. When you are planning to launch a small business, the web address may seem like a trivial thing that you can get done in minutes. However, it’s basically the ID of your brand online. Therefore, the web address is one of the most important things you have to create for your company. Here are several tips on how to come up with a good web address:

Choose a Unique Name

Like the name of your brand, the web address must be unique. It should not resemble another’s company name or URL in any way. When you go for domain name registration, the registrar will look up the name you have chosen to make sure it isn’t already taken. However, this process will not necessarily reveal if you have violated any copyright claims. Also, similarities can sometimes be hard to spot. For example, and are both registrable web addresses, despite looking very similar. Uniqueness will make your brand stand out and make it less likely to be confused with something else.

Keep It Short and Memorable

The golden rule of creating a URL is keeping the name short enough to be memorable to people. Think about the websites you visit every day: Google, Amazon, or Yahoo. The names are very short, unique and easy to memorise. These are the traits of a good web address that will naturally attract new visitors. So, don’t bother with coming up with long or complicated web addresses.

Make It Easy to Type

The easier the web address is to type, the better it will be. Typing on a laptop or a desktop may not be that hard. However, typing matters when it comes to handheld devices. If you have a long or complicated web address that is difficult to type in full, smartphone and tablet users will be turned off by your site. If you want people to visit your site and bookmark it, first it needs to be easy to type.

Use .COM Extension

There are several domain extensions small businesses can buy. However, .com extension is by far still the best for business website. People easily remember it. Avoid using little known extensions like .biz. Your consumers will most likely not remember it and may find it weird even. So, stick to the well known .com extension, unless your company can make use of the .org extension.

Get .AU Extension

Your web address should be created for the target audience. In your case, your target audience are fellow Aussies. In order to specially appeal to local audiences, use the .au extension that show your company is fully Australian. There’s an algorithmic advantage here as well. Google’s country specific search results give priority to local websites. The .au extension will assure Google that you are running a local website. Then your site will be able to appear on top of local search queries. Get more info at

Include Main Keyword

If possible, include the main keyword in the web address once. For example, if the keyword is clothes, include it in the address, like However, don’t try to go out of your way to put the keyword there. If the main keyword is misspelled or is awkward to read, then it’s okay to skip this part.

As you can see, choosing a web address is lot more work than most people think. However, you can still benefit by following the above advice.

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