A wise person once said that the only way to get properly rich was to work for yourself. Bold words indeed, but almost always the truth. Sure, there are examples of people who got mega rich working for others – those who joined Microsoft or Amazon and who got share options on the early days, they have definitely done well for themselves. But the people who do the best are inevitably the people who have the vision, who take the risk and who put it all on the line to make a buck. Lots of people think you have to have a big idea to go it alone, but you don’t, you just need to be brave and understand the industry you are operating in. 


It doesn’t have to end up as Microsoft 

Too often people think that their start-up has to end like Microsoft. But it’s not possible for everyone who starts their own business to end up as the richest person in the world. Success is not defined by the size of the business or the nature of the product, it’s defined by profit margins and by what the success allows you to do. Let’s say you were working as a cleaner but you had big ideas. You could pretty easily find more cleaners and more buildings to clean. Taking the jump from being a cleaner to running a company such as Envy Cleaning Solutions that does office cleaning south Melbourne, or any other area for the matter, is really not such a big jump. Find the clients and the staff and before you know it you will be filling the pay packets at the end of the month, not queuing to collect. 


Back yourself 

It always starts with an idea and everybody has an idea from time to time. Imagine if the guys at Google had packed up and gone home when they first realised the extraordinary scale of their plans to map the whole world. But they didn’t give up. They backed themselves and sold a vision that could be worked towards and the rest is history. The point is, the idea doesn’t need to be as huge as Google’s, it could be a restaurant or a product or a simple gap in the market that you can fill, but back yourself and follow the dream. 


Side hustling is great 

Everyone has a side hustle these days and they are great concepts. The idea behind a hustle is that it allows you to earn extra income on the side without taking you away from your day job. But it opens up another avenue for cash and it is something that could potentially grow to become a full time occupation. Quitting your day job is very scary and the side hustle is a perfect way to transition from being an employee to being self-employed. Your side hustle might not even be the thing you want to do as your start-up, it could also just be a means to an end – a way to earn extra money to pay for the new business. Whatever way it unfolds, earning some extra cash on the side is never a bad thing.   


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