What is a Vape?

Vaping refers to the act of inhaling non-harmful smoke from an electronic device called vape. The device runs on battery and uses simple 2-3 components. The main ingredient is the vape juice which boils to give the smoke that the user inhales. The juice is made from non-harmful ingredients that are common in most everyday items. It is a mixture of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, depending on the user’s choice. In addition to this, the vape juice has some food flavourings that can be easily found in snacks and everyday food items. There is also the option of getting nicotine in vape, but its composition is completely a choice of the user who can decide to not have any nicotine added at all. In fact, Vape Supplies Australia in most countries come without nicotine. This depends on the country’s regulation regarding nicotine. Australia, for example, discourages the use of nicotine for its addictive nature and the possible hazard to the brain. However, it is commonly found in coffee and other beverages so it’s not harmful if not taken in excess.

How Vape works?

The reason behind cigarettes being so harmful and the number of deaths caused by them worldwide, is the addition of harmful ingredients in it such as tobacco and tar. These are two main ingredients that cause terrible damage to the heart and other organs of body. However, there are other ingredients present too, in smaller quantities. These ingredients make a total of about 300 in number. When smoked, they turn into thousands of chemical gases and materials that can destroy the human body from the inside.

Vapes replace all this disastrous mechanism through the introduction of a clean, simple e-juice which vaporises to give away the harmless smoke that the user can inhale. The vaporisation is done by the atomiser present in E-cigarette. The atomiser contains the coil that heats up to vaporize the juice for the smoke. There is also the wick that transports the e-juice from tank to atomiser for the vaporisation. The vapors then travel to the mouthpiece. To make this all function, a battery is connected to the atomiser that supplies the energy needed to burn the coils. These are the basic components that make up an e-cigarette. Furthermore, to suit the needs of different users, there are many modifications available, such as the replaceable batteries or separable atomiser.

Benefits of Vape

The reason vapes have grown so popular over the decades is their advantage over a conventional cigarette. Following are the prime reasons for choosing vape over other means of smoking.

Less harmful chemicals;

Vapes have significantly lesser chemicals than the cigarette because at the very most, there is nicotine in vape which is harmful to some extent, but only if taken in excess. Other than that, the ingredients used are non-harmful and most are found in everyday food items

Less Addictive;

Smoking has high amounts of nicotine in addition to other addictive chemicals, which makes it extremely addictive and hard-to-quit in the long run. Vape, on the other hand, do not necessarily contain nicotine which makes it non-addictive. In most countries such as Australia, addition of nicotine is banned by the government so that leaves no room for addiction to vape.

Better Alternative

As mentioned before, vapes are a much safer and harmless alternative to cigarettes. Switching from cigarette to e-cigarette instead of quitting cigarette is a lot easier which makes it another advantage of using e-cigarettes or vapes.

Different flavors

The vape juice can be made using a wide range of flavors, from sweet or cocktail to tobacco flavored vapes. These, however, do not contain actual tobacco.

No Passive Smoking

Unlike in the case of cigarettes, there is no danger of passive smoking when using vape.

Getting a Vape in Australia

Getting a vape in Australia is not hard. It can be obtained from different shops or if not, there are many online stores available that deliver vapes in all parts of Australia. Online shopping gives the option of choosing from a variety of flavors and options. Usage of nicotine is banned in Australia, but there are some sites that provide the option of adding nicotine in your customized vape juice.

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