Intro to Forklifts 

Forklift, according to the definition by Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA, is defined as any ‘Powered Industrial Lifts’. Forklifts are basically truck, but their purpose gives them their name. They are a significant part of any business that includes goods. As it says in the definition, they are used to lift goods from one place to another. Today, they are being used in almost all kinds of business and workplaces. From warehouses to airports, it is almost impossible to function without a fleet of forklifts in action.  

Due to the exponentially growing demand over the last decade, there has been tremendous improvement in the forklifts being used. Over the years, they have been made more specialised for their task. This gave rise to a number of classes that these trucks have been divided into, based on different characteristics. The classes of the trucks will be discussed in the next section. All of these classes have been further divided in codes. Anyone getting a truck or a fleet of forklifts can go through these classes and choose the most suitable truck for their need.  

Types of Forklifts 

As mentioned before, forklifts Melbourne are divided in a number of classes. These are,

Electric Motor Rider Trucks
The Electric Motor Rider Truck caries the rider inside the vehicle. Despite the huge upfront charges of charger and battery, it is the most cost efficient truck available. It also requires lesser maintenance which adds to its cost-saving attribute.  

Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks
These trucks require the driver to stand while operating. They are, as the name shows, ideal for narrow passages and indoors.

Electric Motor Hand Trucks
Thisclass of forklifts takes the convenience to the next level. One can just walk behind the truck while operating it. They are easy to operate and maintain. Also, their application spectrum is broader than most other classes. They can be used for almost all kinds of material handlings and are suitable for all kinds of warehouses, small or big.  

Internal Combustion Trucks
The IC trucks are ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Their engine is designed to meet the lifting requirements of the heaviest of the goods. Their hard cushioned wheels also make them ideal for indoor activities.

Internal Combustion Trucks with Pneumatic Tires
These are same as before with the improvement in tires which are not only workable for indoor tasks, but also outdoor activities as these tires do not require a smooth surface.  

Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Tractors
This features only one model of truck that requires the rider to sit while operating.  

Rough Terrain Forklift Me These trucks, as the name shows, are especially designed for uneven and rough terrains. They are designed for outdoor. They are usually in high demand due to their versatile and tough nature.   

5 safety rules 

Usage of trucks in workplaces requires a lot of safety considerations, as a little negligence can be alarmingly dangerous and damaging. Therefore, we have gathered top 5 safety considerations that are must when operating a forklift.  

Training- The staff operating the forklifts should be well-trained to work on the truck. OSHA requires the workers to be highly trained in forklifts before operating one.  

Regular Checkups- A lose part or any other malfunction can cause a lot of damage to the goods and the operator so it is highly recommended that the operator checks for any lose part or any other malfunction in operation before working with the truck. Seatbelts and other safety features are also recommended.  

Knowledge of the forklift- The worker operating the forklift should be well aware of the load limits, speed limit and other limitations of the truck. 

5 Recent Inventions that are Breakthrough in Forklift Facility  

In the past few years, there have been mind-boggling innovations in the Forklifts. These can really add to the productivity of the trucks. These are,  

Device Mounts
Initially, it was impossible to mount a tablet in the truck as the vibration reduced the life-time of the tablet. However, recently, new mounts have been designed that can be used to mount tablets in the trucks that can be used to control the forklift. They have been designed to absorb all the vibration.  

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions
A recent study has declared Hydrogen Fuel Cell ideal for small-scale forklifts. Use of this technology has brought significant improvement in the fuel efficiency, greenhouse gas emission and power range.  

Digital Panel
Like in cars in Melbourne, many forklifts are now being equipped with digital control panels that offer a wider range of functionality and accuracy in operation. Digital panels also reduce the overall power consumption of the trucks.  

Elements that can reduce the lifting limit of the Forklift 

  • Worn out forks 
  • Lack of regular inspections 
  • Added Chains 
  • Changed Tires 
  • Additional or changed batteries 
  • Replaced Engine 
  • Any other attachment 

All of these factors may not reduce the loading capacity by a significant amount, but neglecting these additional weights can cause problems in the long run. 

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