Having your home surrounded by some fencing is a great way to keep your privacy and security in check. With a fence surrounding your house, you need not worry about prying eyes. Moreover, you won’t have people walking onto your lawn or parking where they aren’t supposed to park. Furthermore, especially for people who have swimming pools in their houses, fencing is a great way to keep up a screen and maintain a level of privacy, all the while not being boxed in by the fences themselves.

JND Timber and Steel has a product that could be a good solution for anyone who is ready to have some screens and fencing installed in their homes. They offer aluminium steel slats which can be bought in panels and installed in your home to create a line of defence. JND suggests that the panels can be either installed by their own professionals or you can buy some of their DIY slats and install them yourself if you are capable of doing so. Further on, you will be reading more about the fencing and a little bit about the company as well.  

To begin with, we will be talking about the durability of the aluminium fencing Melbourne. JND claims that they are resistant against natural corrosion as well as capable of handling the Australian weather, whatever it may be. Therefore, you need not worry about the slats being worn down as they are meant to take a beating in the rain, shine or windy conditions. They claim that it will be able to look good and remain for the years to come.

Moreover, since they are made of aluminium, they aren’t easy to break down or knock over, rather meant to remain sturdy and provide a good line of defence as that is the purpose they were made for 

The aluminium fencing in Melbourne also provides a great aesthetic sense to your home. The fences are tastefully designed and meant to keep your outdoors looking as good as possible, all the while ensuring your security throughout the time they are installed. Moreover, if you are worried about them not matching the outdoor colour scheme, they come in powder coating of your choice, which means you can customise the fences as you which to in terms of the colour.

The DIY slats come in a packed and ready to ship packaging so that you can get to work right away. They can also be custom made to fit any size. The aluminium  fencing panels in Melbourne comes in 65 x 15mm slats sizes. Horizontal slats have 5-10m gap between them and the next slat to be installed. This helps them channel wind through the openings. Moreover, as earlier mentioned that can be powder coated in any colour you wish.

JND manufactures all their products right here in Mordialloc. Therefore encouraging locally made productions, boosting jobs and benefiting the economy. They also offer a range of other products Steel and Timber related. For examples, steel gates and fencing, or café furniture and benches. All of which are aesthetically designed and meant to remain durable the whole time.  

Therefore, consider going over to JND’s website to check out their Timber and Steel ranges. They have a huge selection of products to choose from leaving you spoilt for choice. As mentioned earlier they produce durable as well as aesthetic products which would make a great addition to your home and office environment.

They also have a facility of arranging a free measurement and quote for then fencing, you can check up on that yourself by going on over to their website.So head on over and pick out something nice for yourself today, you surely won’t regret it! 

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