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Law firms have different type of lawyers mainly associated to attaining goals of justice. Immigration is a also a topic often arguable and politically debatable in a court room. A specialized lawyer that particularly deals with immigration rights or issues of its clients in administrative court is called as immigration lawyer in Perth. A person’s immigration status might affect or counter with other possible legal matters. Such lawyers counsel clients about the legality and obligations, and further educate them regarding the course of action related to immigration law.  

Immigration lawyers can be find at legal meetings, can be connected from a large law firms to small practices. These lawyers are independent practitioners advising the people about their educational visa, employment based visas, green cards, credentials, citizenship etc. Immigration concerns can be connected with governmental law, business law, criminal law and education field. Criminal lawyers also have the basic knowledge of immigration likewise as immigration lawyers, as they have attorney of criminals involved in failed transaction or illegal movement internationally.

Skills of Immigration lawyer 

Immigration lawyers require a lot of skills. To start a career as immigration lawyer needs a basic bachelor degree at first, followed by a jurisdiction doctor degree (JD). Specialization in a law school strengthens the immigration law knowledge, enhancing the expertise and speciality in this sector. This training polishes the capabilities of communicating and advocating the client about complicated legal matters concerning immigration. Immigration lawyers must have good writing, understanding and conversing skills, great judgement of legal protocols, problem solving abilities, public and prosecutor dealing etc. They help clients in analysing and preparing their important documents and paper work. They also ensure that the information filled in by clients is clear, correct and consistent. Lawyer ensures that it must be free from any false notification which can mislead the immigration activities.  

There are certain conditions by which ones need to seek for a good immigration attorney: 

  • A current or previous Criminal record can create a barrier of travel to immigrants, thus immigrant lawyers legally manage the court hearings  
  • If there is any problem in submitted applications, an immigration special attorney can look out for the data files 
  • If the applicant have started the immigration procedure on its own and is stuck in further doings, lawyers can be involved at any point 
  • If there is a  long delay response in applicants immigration process, immigrant attorney can aid with quick official services 
  • If an applicant is travelling along with family or relatives, lawyers can help us conversing their residential grants or stay visas. 

Extraordinary driver licence (EDL) 

A type of specialized license permit granted by court which allows driving to someone who has been disqualified from driving under certain circumstances is called extraordinary driver license(EDL). This license is issued only depending upon the previous act or offense on which earlier license is rejected. EDL can be made within a time period of 21 days after an individual is convicted of a criminal offense or within 4 months of license disqualification. This duration can be varied based on the committed act leading to license cancellation. If approved of an EDL grant, it is used for a period of 12 months after the issued date. Not every other person is applicable for submitting application for extraordinary driver license; it is available on certain ground basis.  

  • Individuals with license disqualified under fines, penalties by department of justice fine enforcement registry, can apply for EDL 
  • Individuals  with usual license rejected by a police officer or traffic control officer, can use EDL service application  
  • In case, rejected inter-state driving license, EDL can be requested 
  • Drivers with demerit point notice issued by higher officials can submit EDL for their urgent or regular use 

If under these circumstances, extraordinary drivers licence Perth is allowed, one has to present the court order to department of transport in your respective in-charged area for official issuance. In spite of EDL might be utilized under strict driving conditions. These holders must carry their extraordinary driver license while driving. It comprises of two documents involving a plastic extraordinary license and a paper license which is a supplementary data detailing the issued EDL. 


Hiring of immigration lawyer is quite evidently frequent in today’s world mainly due to extensive international travel for personal and professional reasons. Apart, of handling one’s travel applications and complication, immigration lawyers can also aids residents understanding the further official procedures. Similarly, extraordinary driver license is commonly used in foreign countries under situations of licence cancellation due to prohibited acts. Although, EDL grant is taken, it can be rejected too if conviction or breaching of any heinous crime is seen. 

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