You have probably been warned once and then a second or perhaps even a third time that keeping the name and contact number of emergency services at hand is the right thing to do. Whether you have this penned down on a piece of paper and stuck to your fridge or embedded in the key contact lists of your various digital devices like your cellphone, you really do need to have this sort of thing at the ready for when crisis and related panic strikes. So go ahead and do this, but of course, you will still need to do some research beforehand to see what numbers you are going to log into your records. 

Give them a call and do your due diligence 

When the time is right, which is now, by the way, to get yourself involved in a good working relationship with the person who will be sorting out the pipes and toilets of your house and home, then take a look around for the best and most popular emergency plumber Auckland and other areas of your region have to offer you. Talk to them in person after making an appointment, to see exactly where and how they can help you. They should be more than willing to oblige you there and then, but if they are too busy, they might need to delay a day or a week. This, of course, chances in emergencies, when they will come out themselves or put you in contact with someone that can. This sort of affiliation is growing in popularity, with word of mouth referrals proving all the more effective than they have in the past. 

Budget accordingly and do the right thing by holding all involved accountable 

Talk to the service provider about their preferred payment structure and then stick to it. If they want cash up front to pay for materials or perhaps they need to subsidize some of their workers, then go ahead and do this via EFT. You might not always have to deal in cash, or perhaps even not at all. Bank transfer should be the preferred method here, for you and for them. Perhaps there will even be some sort of damage deposit involved from their side, whereby if they break or damage any sanitary wear in your bathroom or kitchen while they are working, then they will be more than willing to pay for this at the end or maybe even in the middle of the job. 

Paving the way forward, so that your tiles and other elements are looked after 

You have every right to chat to your plumber about the way they work and see what sort of safety measures they put in place in order to protect your tiles and paving that surround the areas they will be working in. Towels and sheets of plastic as well as waterproof covers are just some of the things they use for this sort of situation. They should have enough of these no matter how big or small the area. 

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