We all want to spend a happy life. The source of happiness and the reasons vary from one person to another person. Some people get happy when they see others satisfy. A few get happy, when they consume good food and, some get happy when they pamper themselves.  

The ultimate aim is to stay happy no matter what the circumstances are and what the situation is going on around us. People like to groom themselves to stay happy. They have a regular appointment at the salon to get their hair colour and facials done. We all know that we cannot ignore the big things in life. Sometimes, small details make the difference.  

Self-grooming is all about small and tiny details. For example, if we have visited a salon to get the facials done and ignore the manicure and, pedicure then we shall see a prominent difference in the appearance of the face, hands and feet. All the things have to complement one another. People tend to ignore the small details when it comes to self-hygiene and grooming. These small things make a huge difference in our personality. If we have bought an expensive pair of shoes, we do not do the pedicure. It would not give a positive impression to others. We have to get all the things done beforehand.  

Likewise, if we have expensive rings, watches and bracelets but we do not believe and prefer in going to a salon to get the manicure done, it would fade the glamour of our expensive things. People will notice our expensive accessories in our hands, when they see the untidy hands and cracked nails, they do not want to give another glimpse of our hand.  

They might feel that we are not a person who prefers self-hygiene, which is not at all a good thing. We have to take care of ourselves as we give attention to our wardrobe. Clean and sophisticated hands are the wish of every woman. God has blessed us with beautiful features, hands and feet. It is our responsibility to maintain them and keep them clean.  

The effective to do so is to get the manicure done once a month. If we cannot afford a manicure, then none less. We can do multiple things and follow the home remedies to keep them clean and attractive.  

The Important Steps 

Following are the steps that can be done to make the hands and nails clean. 

  • Filling 

We have to cut the nails every month or a week. We all know that our nails get bigger with time. We have to cut them as per the preference of the length. Some girls like them long. On the other hand, some prefer medium or short nails. We have to cut them as per the choices. Moreover, we can file them as per the shape of our finger and the shape of the cuticle. We can give our nails oval shape, round shape, square shape etc.  

  • Buffing 

Buffing provides a healthy shine to the surface of the nails. Sometimes, we experience that there the surface of the nails become bumpy. To get the smooth texture, we have to use the buffer. It smoothes the surface as well as provide a shine to the nails. When we put our hands in high chemical soaps and dishwashing liquid, they leave harmful effects on the nails. We have to use a buffer to bring back the shine of the nails.  

  • Nail Colour 

We all have a different colour of hands. Not all nail colours are ideal for every hand. We have to pick the best one for us, which complement the texture and the tone of our hands. A nail dipping powder kit is the best thing that happens to the nails as it gives the glamourous look to the nails. We know that gel nail colours get fade or chip off after a certain period. If we have our hands on nail dipping powder, we do not have to worry about the peeling of nail colour.  

  • Nail Polish Remover 

We must have a bottle of nail polish remover in our closet. The benefit of having it is that we can change the colour of nail paint whenever we want. We cannot carry the same nail colour with all the dresses. 

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