It might seem like a trivial topic to be discussed today, but there is undoubtedly the need to discuss the trees and their growing importance in this day and age. We all have grown up hearing how significant it is for the planet to have trees, forests and green. However, with the change in time and the advancement in technology, we all have forgotten how important this natural phenomena is for us. If the world’s forests forecast reports and the current facts are to be believed, which must be, an area of trees equivalent to the size of 48 football fields is lost with every minute that passes. This is not only alarming, but now is about time we make this stop. Our future and how bright it is going to be depends entirely on forests; how we grow and nurture them. We, humans, are so dependent forests that from the air we breathe into even the paper we write on is something that is the product of trees. So, if you hadn’t thought about it initially, it is about time you do. In case you need us to kick you out of your procrastination zone, we are mentioning five reasons on why it is high time you care about trees.  

We need trees to breathe. Period. The world in which we are living in would be in real trouble if there were no trees of forests. This is the basic science that trees remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, in exchange, leaving us with fresh oxygen to breathe. An extensive tree lopping means that practically all animal life on Earth will be deprived of the basic necessity that is oxygen. Deforestation poses a serious threat to the quality of air, and contributes up to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Imagine the difference planting a tree or two can have on Earth or your generations ahead. If we take it seriously today, only then will we be able to maintain the quality of life and a healthy lifestyle for the future. 

Trees also help in regulating the overall climate and combating the excessive change that may be caused due to numerous environmental factors. Tress and forests act as an insulation for mother Earth, and help in maintaining the consistent temperature of it. When you clear out the trees, you not only release the carbon dioxide that has been stored and built inside for the good amount of time, but the overall percentage of trees that absorb the greenhouse gases is also decreased. You know what will happen next? An extensive climate change with temperatures rising up to alarming levels. This has already started manifesting in various countries of the world in the form of deadly heat waves around India and Pakistan, and severe flooding in Madagascar and Malawi. This is just not the severity of the natural disasters that the future has in store, but they are only going to escalate to another level. Therefore, protecting forests from deforestation and planting trees is the only way to lessen and diminish the severity of the impending disasters.  

This is the basic fact, which I am sure, we all know that trees are extremely important for the water cycle of this planet. The exact figure and percentage of the world water that comes through forests is 75%. Yeah, we know the figure is jaw-dropping and the ignorance that we show in return is even more outrageous. With the world drying up, it is not hard to acknowledge that the natural cycle of rain and humidity production through forests has decreased, hence leaving the cities around the globe with water shortage. Can you even imagine what life on earth will be with the extreme shortage of water, or with no water? Yes, you guessed it right! There will be no life.  

It is simple to conjecture that plants, animals and humans, the three species that constitute the life on Earth, won’t be able to survive without forests. There are a number of factors that directly and indirectly depend on forestation and trees. It is about time you think what you have done to destroy the planet by killing the trees and misusing them. Yes, let your conscience prick, just not for yourself, but for your future generations too.  

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