Our homes are out safe space. It’s where we go at the end of a long day to rest and rejuvenate our minds and bodies. It’s also where we raise our families and a space where we can keep them safe from harm. Australia is known for its many natural dangers from the wildlife found in even the most Suburban areas, to the extremes of temperature and climatic conditions. Here are a few tips for keeping your home a safe sanctuary.

Sound the alarm 

While it’s not a pleasant thought home invasions do occur and we should do our best to ensure the safety our family, our homes and the belongings inside it. A good alarm system is your best bet as both a deterrent and reactive measure to home intrusion. Around the country, there are highly effective home security systems Melbourne and other major cities. There are many features available to you, but be sure to select a good system with sensor beans and a service that notifies you when the alarm goes off. You could also look at getting a panic button, videos surveillance, indoor sensors that are pet-friendly and also a service where a response unit is available should you need them.  

Pet patrol  

Dogs can help and to your home prediction as they quickly and loudly alert you to the presence of strangers. Remember family pets should never be used for physical protection. They are only there to sound the alarm and should be removed from harm’s way should there be any real threat. Cats can also help add to your home’s safety as they are natural hunters and great at keeping a nasty, and potentially dangerous, pests out of your home.   

Fenced in 

Fencing off your property is good for not only keeping Intruders out but also keeping your family and pets safe he was in the confines of your property. Various options available to you from a simple wooden picket fence to concrete or brick walls. If you live in a particularly dangerous area you could also consider adding electric fencing or metal spikes to the top of your walls. If security is a real concern for you, you’ll want to add as many barriers between outside public space and the inside of your home as possible.  

Screening guests  

Adding screens to your doors and windows is another good way of keeping pests outside. The wire mesh screens allow fresh air enter your home but also keep insects, spiders, rats and mice outside. It is a more humane means of pest control that harmful chemicals and pest traps.  

Shoe free zone  

Having a mess room or area at the entrance of your home is a great way to keep outside germs and bacteria from contaminating your living spaces. Here, shoes, overcoats and umbrellas can be stored for easy access as you come and go. It will prevent mud and dirt being tracked into your rugs and carpets as well. 


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