Our home is our sanctuary where we are able to refresh our minds and relax our bodies so that they are able to face the next day. There is nothing like your own bed where you have everything you want on the table next to it and your favourite blanket to get under to watch a movie or simply go to sleep. Similarly, the feel of your own bathroom is very different and comfortable in its own way and you will feel that when you use some else’s bathroom. We add small touches to our rooms in order to make them perfect in our eyes and personalize them so that everything that you may need in a certain space is present there. One of the most important places in the house is the bathroom and when buying the house, it is one of the first things that you look at. If a house has small and shabby bathrooms, you are less likely to be attracted into buying that house as the bathroom design is of utmost important as it is the place where you go to relieve yourself and also relax in the process. Other than using it for one of your basic needs, the toilet is one of the first rooms you use in the morning and the last one you yes at night and might be responsible for setting the tone for the rest of the day. If you are not able to cool down in the washroom then you might stay agitated and on edge for the rest of the day which will affect your productivity at work and your mood with other people as well.  Most people get their best ideas in the shower and if you don’t have a shower that soothes you then you may have to consider a bathroom remodel to get those juices flowing. The bathroom design as well as how everything is aesthetically put together in that area is a big indicator of the tone of the rest of the house, for example decorating it with candles and artwork will show just how important of a room it is. This is probably the only area of the house where you can enjoy your solitude and no one will invade your privacy here, meaning you are free to unwind in your bath or a hot shower. 

The importance of the bathroom also highlights how crucial it is to consider bathroom remodel in Melbourne if the room does not suit your needs. You may need to spruce things up to create the proper ambience that will set the mood for you day and so that you feel stress free once you are done. Sometimes, things get broken or may need an update which may be a reason for remodelling. Above all, you need to have a bathroom that works and is hygienic, for example mould growing near the area where you take a bath may actually cause you to become ill instead of making you clean. There are many different types of bathroom designs to choose from when you think of renovating them. Contemporary ones have a large open space that is devoid of clutter and also has clean lines along with a simple colour palette. Light and dark elements are a popular choice in this style and you have to focus on the simplicity of things. Eclectic bathrooms usually have unusual colour mixing and different textures that give it a unique look. Modern ones are similar to contemporary designs but have modern styling on the countertops and art work is also exhibited to top the whole thing off. If you are unsure of what to do then you can simply go for the traditional option which focuses on comfort and functionality. The design revolves around neutral tones and usage of materials such as polished wood and glass. 

The clutter in your bathroom may be affecting your ability to relax in the space and your mind may be wandering off to how you can clean the mess instead of enjoying the solitude; which is why it may be the perfect time for a bathroom remodel so that you can update it to the latest trends, choose a design that soothes you instead of unnerving you and increase the value of your home in the process. 


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