Contemporary authors have a hard time making a living. Most of them teach at schools and colleges. Most contemporary authors have a stable income. This allows them to write manga books in Japan during their free time. They work their day jobs and this helps them to make a fixed income. This fixed income goes a long way towards covering the cost of their books. They usually make about fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year. This means that their monthly income ranges from five to seven hundred dollars. This is a decent amount for a teacher. They have a good time teaching students while earning money on the side. They can write anywhere from four to five books a year. Some of them write manga books for major publishers. Most major publishing houses are very willing to hire manga writers. Most publishers have a hard time finding good manga writers. This is why good manga writers are always in demand. They can ply their trade anywhere. You need to be good in animation if you want to write manga books. You can take courses dealing with the complexities of illustration. It can be very hard to make good illustrations. 

Range of manga books in Japan 

The art of illustrating manga books in Japan is a gift. You cannot simply learn to make high quality manga books on your own. You will have to learn this skill from contemporary authors. The ability to make good illustrations is essential for manga writers. Manga artists spend a lot of time paying attention to the details. Paying attention to detail helps you make beautiful manga books. The best manga writers spend hours Making their drawings. They spend a lot of time taking care of their projects. Some writers spend many years on a single project. This is because  most manga books are extremely long. The stories they tell span over several years and even decades. New writers take over the work of old ones. The continuity is very important when it comes to keeping the interest of the readers. Most readers appreciate food artworks in manga books. Most manga books are very huge and they have hundreds of pages of colourful stories. 

The cost of good manga books in Japan 

Good photo editing is extremely essential for contemporary authors. They cannot expect to be successful in less they have published at least a few manga books in Japan. You should approach a publisher if you want to write a manga book. You can draw a list of probable publishers and contact them one by one. You should approach the cheapest publisher. The profile of the publisher matters too. Most publishers do not have a sufficiently wide distribution network. You should be careful when selecting a supplier. The shortlisting process can take several weeks sometimes. You should buy good manga books In order to get an idea if the readers’ preferences. Most readers prefer nicely illustrated manga books. Most contemporary authors write newspaper articles as well. They have access to the internet too. They have ample opportunities to market their content. 

Career opportunities for contemporary authors 

Most contemporary authors have full-time teaching jobs. They do not have access to the latest research materials. They have access to the best tools available for writing manga books in Japan. You can also email publishers with drafts of your manga books. They will review the draft and get back to you with feedback. They have good feedback to offer in most cases. The feedback serves to help the writers get their work published. They guide writers about improving their work. The improvement is usually very significant and can be noticed easily. You cannot become a manga writer if you are not willing to improve. You must have a good work ethic as a contemporary author if you want to succeed in this line of work. Making it big in this business requires more than just pure luck. You need to have the right contacts who can help you get your books published. The cost of publishing the books can be very high at times. There are many ways of reducing this cost. 

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