Murphy’s Paw is not your typical dog wash bayside; we are a full-administration excellence and preparation parlour for canines of all sizes and personalities. The canine-loving crew will look after your dearest buddy and strive to make the individual in question look and feel above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

Murphy’s Paw, which is conveniently located in Port Melbourne, offers administrations to dog grooming and canines from all over the area – South Melbourne is only five minutes away, and the Docklands is only a short drive away. 

Cleaning, washing, and grooming: 

A hydro-bath is a dog grooming based in Bayside that provides a thorough cleaning. Its hydro-brush action enters the hide to shed the skin and provide a nice, beneficial back rub for your cat. It also improves blood flow and alleviates musculoskeletal pain and joint inflammation. 

A training program — Murphy’s Paw’s professionally qualified canine professionals provide a variety of cutting-edge options. Whether your dog needs a dog wash bayside, a thorough cleaning, or whatever in between, the Murphy’s Paw team will not disappoint. We love nothing more than seeing clients leave the salon with a finish that knocks some people’s socks off.

Aside from the prize bundle, Murphy’s Paw offers a small dog grooming method to get your hidden kid acclimated to being cared for by caretakers. There is also a large range of bargain feline and canine products available, allowing you to continue giving your pet the best quality care in a home environment. 

Purpose of MURPHY PAW organization: 

Following your arrangement, we may provide exceptional advice to guarantee your pet has a gleaming coat. 

The Murphy’s Paw organization is made up of people who are passionate about dogs. All colleagues have official skills or have dog wash bayside through rigorous in-house training to meet an exclusive need of abilities and information relevant to their work. 

The team consists of individuals behind the counter who answer the phones, book your appointments, and greet you and your dog grooming when you arrive at the salon, bathers who wash and dry your dogs, and custodians who create the style that you desire. 

Caitlin has been at Murphy’s Paw for quite some time. She was from New Zealand and had never desired to train as an expert profession till she moved to Melbourne 7 years ago. Caitlin adores dogs of all shapes and sizes, cushioned and smooth. 

Groom with expert styling: 

Making an outlandish style to ensure that you’re canine catches everyone’s attention. Regardless of dog grooming whether it is a rare occurrence, should be one-of-a-kind, or on the grounds that… Bring an image, a concept, or a wish, and let’s produce curiosity cuts that generate a buzz. 

Trimming of Nails 

When only the nails need to be trimmed, simply drop in… It just takes 5-10 minutes to maintain your dog’s nails, and no special arrangements are required. Nail cutting is a common service that comes with any cleaning or preparation administration. 

A preparatory tidy up of the dog grooming: cleaning the head, trimming the feet, and paying special attention to the cleanliness areas and tail. In an ideal world, this is the “in the middle” groom who keeps up with your canine’s jacket in the ideal style. 

The whole product line 

Murphy’s Paw will not simply make your dog look its best, but we will also provide you with all of the things and equipment you require to keep your hide kid feeling fresh, dog wash bayside, well-cared for, interested, wearing the best, and resting peacefully. 

You may choose your style, such as practical “easy to focus on” completions to make caring for your dog grooming easier between salon appointments. All preparation requirements are discussed with our experienced team, and Murphy’s Paw will do everything possible to meet your needs. Bring a photo of the style you’re looking for and we’ll go over it with you. 

What MURPHY do for dogs: 

The Paw of Murphy Not only do we want your dog to be groomed, but we also want to provide you with all of the things and gadgets you require to keep your dog grooming in Melbourne, well-cared for, interested, wearing the best, and resting peacefully. 

BlackHawk, Royal Canin, Savourlife, BlackDog, Active Pets, Fuzzyard, Sebastian Says, Rogz, Sassbai, Kong… are among the brands available. Murphy’s Paw can provide you with dog wash bayside, cleansers, deodorizers, brushes and brushes, and even worm or insect treatment.


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