If there is one thing that everyone likes – whether they admit it or not – its ice. Nothing can help cool us down better than some cold ice in our beverage of choice on a hot day, and whether we own up to it or not, iced drinks are just as enjoyable on the colder days as well. Any drink can be taken up a notch by just adding in a few blocks of ice. In addition to this, any drink can be made ten times better by simply freezing it! Whether its juice or coffee or anything else under the sun, a quick trip to the freezer can leave it elevated! Everything our mothers tell us about ice being bad for our throats is put to the side when we have to face yet another blistering hot Australian day. Similarly, when we’re feeling down or tired, an icy drink can be the best pick me up ever. It really is fascinating to see how simple water can be taken up so many notches and turned into such a simple yet great product that can be used for so many purposes. With this in mind, it is not surprising to see how ice cubes have firmly cemented their place in the culinary world. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that those working n the culinary business need a constant supply of ice cubes at hand always. Depending on your usage, here are the three kinds of ice machines that are a must have for food based businesses.

  1. When it comes to ice machines, one size really doesn’t fit all. Take, for example, the modulator or ice machine head. These heavy weights are capable of producing vast amounts of ice all day every day no matter when you need. These machines are capable enough of producing around 1000 lbs. of ice per day. Therefore, they can be ideal for larger businesses such as hotels and busier cafes or those eateries that have many items on the menu that require ice. A modulator with a storage bin can easily provide you with a great amount of ice, so that you never have to run low. The modular types usually are the ones that produce large amounts of ice, and these varieties come in the flaker models as well.
  2. Flakers, as the name very aptly suggests, provide flaked ice. This can be used for a wide range of purposes. Most commonly, this is used in meat and salad displays which require to be chilled. We’ve all walked into grocery stores to be greeted  by fish and cold cuts displayed on beds of ice; well now we know where that ice comes from! Apart from being used this way, the flaked ice can also be used to add to blended drinks for a really cool experience (pun intended) unlike any other. So, the flaked ice machine for sale are great for departmental store usage or for those who require cold cuts to be preserved or eateries mixing blended ice into their drinks. Flake ice can also be the best way to prevent ‘ice-burn’ on your produce and can be the best way to transport fragile items over longer periods of time.
  3. Smaller ice and water dispensers are ideal for smaller and newer businesses, as they can be a much more budget friendly investment than a much larger ice machine. Apart from saving money, these smaller machines can also be friendly on the environment, as we can be prevented from wasting any water by wasting ice. If we’re looking for smaller ice machines for sale, we can easily pick out either smaller cubers or ice and water dispensers which can multi task!

Ice Machines Direct is a one stop shop for all your icy needs. Sourcing from premium suppliers in Europe and Japan, their ice machines can be your safest and coolest investment ever. So, you will really get the worth of your money from these. Additionally, the company offers a flexible leasing system so that you too can get your hands on that ice machine and do away with the boring gold freezer or refrigerator which is really no good.

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