When or if you one day start your own business, there are going to be many things you are going to have to consider before you even make your first sale. From marketing and promotion, to accounting and budgeting, and all the other facets involved – you are going to have to take it all into your thinking as you seek to make a success of it all. There are many things to juggle along the way, and as you expand you might look to employ more people. Either way, don’t forget to get your entity’s name out there sooner rather than later.

Good eye candy

By eye candy, we mean making sure that the name and log of your business is in the public eye as often as possible. For this to happen, you would do well to find the right exhibition display stands for the next time you are out and about on the road promoting your venture. These sorts of elements can really help in getting your business off the ground, as people who see and saw the vinyl banner signs are mindful of what they have in their memory. A good and well-structured sign, designed and erected properly, can really elevate your offering.


Talk to the sign makers about how much you can and want to spend on the signs, and find out how many is a good number to have to cover a certain amount of metres. They will have gone down this road before and tell you how to go about it yourself. They can talk to you about font design and logo placement, so the best brand value possible is exemplified throughout. It’s nice to know, too, that these should be easy to pack in and fold up, stuck in your car and lugged to the next expo whenever you might need this to happen.


These things will need to carry marketing weight, but not physical weight. You don’t want to be lumped with heavy items, that are a bane far more than they are a blessing. While the signs should be lightweight and framed with a firm border, they must not rip in windy conditions or become entirely soaked and even heavier because of the water if placed out in the rain. Again, the professionals will be able to tell you if this is at all possible. It should, indeed, be possible – but just check with them to be sure.


Are they agile and able to be adapted to different formats? Can something that is normally stuck in the ground also be tied to a pole? It’s this sort of versatility that makes for an even better sign. Will the colours fade in the sun or will they maintain the same hue throughout? These are just some of the questions that you would do well to have answered up front. Get it in writing even, which can be tweaked and changed along the way, as the relationship between you and the sign makers grow.

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