The surface marking is a commonplace phenomenon in Australia due to the excessive and effective usage and awareness of the general public. You could see the markings on the road, at the parking lots or in the industries, warehouses or basements, to name a few. People from all age group could take advantage of these markings in better comprehending the scenarios in a particular setting.

There are many vendors and companies available in Australia offering marking facilities but choosing the one with a good credibility and quality service is a tough task and requires you to go through a complete research. The Kenex in Australia has been known as a marking specialist since long and been providing top notch facilities not only for marking but for relevant hardware services as well. You can get the advantage of their consultation before triggering any marking activity in your assigned premises.  


Before starting the marking process, there are certain tips that you should be aware of to make the most out of task at hand, such as: 


Prepare The Surface 

It is mandatory to clean and clear the surface for debris, grime, and dirt before starting the line marking process. You should clear the area beforehand for vehicles, pedestrians, objects, and debris and then start the cleaning process to achieve the best line marking Sydney NSW. 


Dry Up The Concrete 

If the line marking in Australia is to be done on a new concrete surface then it is ideal to let it heal for several weeks before starting the process. You should be fully aware of the need that the concrete flooring should be dried up completely two days prior to the day of markings. Similarly, you should also stop using sprinkles and high-pressure water to serve the cleaning purpose days before the line marking. Lastly, it is imperative that the concrete surface does not contain any contaminants. 


Solvent Vs. Waterborne Marking Paint 

The paint which is being used for the markings on the road has to be of good quality. If the bitumen of the road is newly laid then you should opt out for waterborne marking paint for line markings in Sydney because when you would use solvent marking paint then it will react on the new bitumen. However, if you intend to use to solvent marking paint only then it is suggested to let the newly laid bitumen dry completely.  


Choose The Right Color 

Color plays a very basic role when it comes to the line marking in Sydney as different colors are being perceived differently across the region. For instance, the yellow color is used to mark the paths, lanes and work cells while red is used to indicate danger or a defect. Similarly, blue is used in the signs of raw material while black is generally shortlisted to indicate the work in progress. Hence it is very important that you choose that color which could be easily perceived by your employees without creating any confusions.  


Long Lasting Markings 

To have long lasting line markings Australia especially in areas which are rigorously and excessively used, it is ideal to go for performing thermoplastic markings instead of its paint alternates. These markings are applied via blowtorch heat and last 5 to 6 times longer than its counterparts. It is, however, mandatory to seal the concrete areas before applying this type of markings on the surface. Kenex can provide you with sealing facility in addition to the other marking facilities in Sydney. 


Safer Markings 

To ensure the safer line markings in Brisbane, it is generally recommended to have them at least 200 mm wide. Also, they should be made by containing an appropriate application of safety additives, anti-slip grits, and reflective glass beads. So, line marking Sydney NSW could aid the pedestrian zones and guide the disabled parking lots in a better way. 


Last but not the least, never compromise on the after services of the line markings in Australia as you never know when you would be needing it. A vendor providing you with an after service is an add-on over its quality services. The Kenex in Australia can be contacted directly to provide on site consultation for improvising on safety at work and managing the traffic zones for general pedestrians. 










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