Finding the LED light bar for your off-road vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike many other options, you cannot just pick the best available, even if you have the budget. The selection mainly depends on the user’s requirements and desired specifications. Are you one of those who aren’t sure about their requirements for LED light bars?. 

If so, this may be due to this being your first experience or some bad experience in the past. Whatever, it is, this article will give you complete guide that you need, in order to buy the right cree led light bar for your vehicle. Without further ado, let’s go through tips that you need to consider and be mindful of when buying light bars for your car.  

Type of LED Light bar 

When buying light bar, the first choice that you’ll have to make in the shop would be to select the type of light bar you need. Instead of knowing about the types there in the shop right before buying the shop, you should rather know the pros and cons of each type beforehand.  

  • Spotlight bar 

Spotlight bar, as the name shows, this light bar is used to create a spotlight effect on the road. This means, it will be giving a narrow beam, that is usually spread 30 degrees. This light bar offers a very focused beam and is used in areas with complex road contours. If you’re more concerned about keeping an eye for the edges of the road, this light bar wouldn’t be the right option for you.  

  • Floodlight bar 

The floodlight bar illuminates a wider area in front of you. It’s beam spreads about 60 degrees and this makes sure you always see the boundaries of the road. This light bar is also ideal for work sites to brighten large areas. 

  • Combo light bar 

The combo light bar is the trade off between spotlight and floodlight. This light bar gives you a combination of both light bars and, is usually preferred for being versatile, suitable for different areas.    

Mounting Location 

After knowing the light bar types, you need to decide the mounting position. There are three mounting locations of led light bars on your vehicle:  

  • Front Bumper 
  • Above the windshield 
  • Top of the vehicle  

The front bumper is the ideal location for increased road visibility. The light bar mounted on this location can also act like fog lights when needed. This position is ideal for especially spotlight bars. 

Above the windshield mounting is more suited to floodlight bars. It offers increased light lift and can cover a greater portion of the road through floodlight beams.  

The top of the vehicle is also suited to floodlight beam as it gives the best lightning angle to the light bar. Also, there’s plenty of room for the light bars so combination of flood and spot light bars can also be installed here. 


After you’re sure about the type and mounting location, you must make sure you get the light bar from reliable source. There will be many options of brands in the market, but you cannot just pick any. To make sure you get quality light bars for your vehicle, make sure the store or brand is reputed for light bars.You can check the store’s social media profiles and check their reviews. This will give you an idea about the experience their past customers have had.  

If you have someone in your circle who has purchased LED light bars for their vehicle, you can ask them for any references. This is a great way to land in a shop that you can blindly trust for quality.  


Lastly, the budget needs to be considered before going to the shop. Use the internet or people in your circle to learn about different price range of different light bars. By this time, you should be clear about the type of light bar you need for your vehicle. Ask the people around or use the internet to research about the prices for different light bars and brands. Define your budget before going to the market for buying the light bar. This will save you from spending too much. Also, this will help you get the best option in your budget.  


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