A skip is waste container that is open topped and is designed in such a way that it can be loaded onto a special kind of lorry. It is then either removed or replaced by an empty bin and emptied at a landfill. They are most commonly used to hold different types waste such construction and garden waste. They are also used for cleaning jobs that need a lot of material to be taken away. There are many different types of skip bin sizes available. Roll on roll off are the largest skips available that are used by industrial clients, they need a lot of space for placement as well. Mini skips are the smallest size available, they are preferred by residential as well as commercial clients because of their size. Midi skips are medium sized and can easily fit in people’s driveways and yards. Builders skips are most commonly used at building sites.

Metro skip hire is a trusted company that provides skips in all sizes. Mini skip hire Dandenong  can also be made in Dandenong through this company. Using a skip hire company can help you in many ways. It assists you in saving time, money and effort. The company takes care of disposing and taking away your waste. You don’t have to fill the bins yourself and are kept safe from anything that might harm you such as broken bottles and sharp metal. The company will also take certain hygiene measures which you wouldn’t have taken otherwise. The company also disposes of the waste in a safe and proper way. Some items are recycling and others are properly disposed off which clean the environment as well.

Mini skips hire in Dandenong as well as other areas, is the most popular choice. Their easy to place capability is very useful in a range of domestic and commercial jobs. From garden waste, renovations and redecoration, mini skips are an ideal choice.  Mini skips have many benefits:

  1. They are small in size. While using skip bins most people have issue with their size but that can be easily overcome with a mini skip. It can be placed much closer to your house so that waste can be disposed quickly. Smaller skips mean smaller trucks that transport them, thus the whole process is relatively easier.
  2. Easy to use. Most mini skip bins come with a door now which make it easier to transport the waste inside rather than hauling portions of it over large walls of bigger skip bins. Energy as well as time can be saved on your part and can be devoted to other things.
  3. They are very cost effective. Hiring larger skips can be expensive especially if you are uncertain of which size best meets your needs. Sometimes hiring two mini skips can be more beneficial instead of hiring a large one. They are also lightweight which reduce their transport fees.

Mini skips are also environmentally friendly. Mini skip hire in Dandenong at Metro skip hire recycles up to 85% of your waste.  Their staff sorts through your waste and keeps as much of it as they can for other uses and leave little for landfills. There are certain materials that are better suited for recycling such as timber, glass concrete and paper. Recycling is advantageous in its own right. It helps conserve natural resources. Recycling paper and wood saves trees and forest. Similarly reusing plastic means that less plastic will be produced in the future. Less damage is done to nature as the need to extract raw materials is reduced which disrupts wildlife and ecosystems. Energy is also saved as it does have to be spent in creating new materials.

Mini skip bins are easy to hire and easy to place. They are also easy on the pocket which makes them perfect for various occasions. Cleaning up after big events can be big hassle as many different types of waste has to be disposed off which can be harmful. Renovations are already a huge task, add the stress of removing the waste and it becomes a monumental job. So why not make your tasks easier and less tiresome by using the services of Metro skip hire to take care of it all.

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